Larry Unger

Tune Books by Larry Unger

Further Adventures; Original Tunes by Larry Unger (2019)
YouTube playlist for the Further Adventures book

Combined Tunebook: The Reckless Reel & The Curvy Road to Corinth
Totaling 155 Waltzes, Reels, Rags, Jigs and Other Tunes (2012)
YouTube playlist for the Combined Tunebook

The Reckless Reel and 101 Other Tunes; Waltzes, Reels and More (1999)

The Curvy Road to Corinth; Waltzes, Reels, Rags, Jigs, and Other Tunes (1989)

Rags, Blues & Hot Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar (1986)


Some of Larry's tunes have also been published in The Portland Collection volumes by Susan Songer with Clyde Curley, and The Waltz Books compiled by Bill Matthiesen.

See Sheet Music Plus for arrangements of some of Larry’s tunes for duo, trio, and string quartette by Stephen M. Taylor, Latham Music Ltd.

Two of Larry’s tunes, Helene’s Mood and Leona Tuttle, are included in Evelyn's Big Book for Mandolins 2015: A Collection of Tunes for 3 Mandolins by Evelyn Tiffany Castiglioni.

The Dancer is in Peter Barnes' A Little Couple-Dancemusik, 1992.

Elkins is in Beyond the Waterfall; Extraordinary Tunes for Fiddle and Clawhammer Banjo by Dan Levenson, 2016.

Glen Echo Jig was published in Live, from the Spanish Ballroom, "produced to benefit the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park", 1999.

Judy and Jim’s Wedding appears in Favorite American Waltzes for Fiddle by Stacy Phillips, Mel Bay Publications, 2006 (from The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, Vol. 2, 1995).

A banjo tab for Two Rivers can be found in Everything You Wanted to Know About Clawhammer Banjo by Ken Perlman, Mel Bay Publications, 2004 and 2015.

The article "Larry Unger: Tune Maker" by Sam Bartlett in Sing Out! Volume 55 #2, Winter 2013. Includes music for The Road to Damascus and Two Rivers. (The article is not available online, although audio samples are.)