Larry Unger

Recordings by Larry Unger

Through Many a Land (2015)
With Eden MacAdam-Somer.
Notorious: The Road to Damascus (2010)
With Eden MacAdam-Somer, Sam Bartlett. Mark Hellenberg, Frances Cunningham and Mark Murphy.

Notorious: Elkins (2008)
With Eden MacAdam-Somer, Sam Bartlett and Mark Hellenberg.

Notorious: Notorious (2006)
With Eden MacAdam-Somer.

Waltz Time II (2005)
With Ginny Snowe, Lissa Schneckenburger, Eden MacAdam-Somer, Nat Hewitt, Loretta Kelley, Billy Novick, Annie Raines, Ilene Stahl, Rushad Eggleston, Sam Bartlett, Mark Hellenberg, Corey DiMario and Mike Peipman.

The Reckless Ramblers: Lowdown Hoedown (2001)
With Sam Bartlett, Nat Hewitt and Ginny Snowe.

Waltz Time (1998)
With Ginny Snowe, Elke Baker, Matt Glaser, Ruthie Dornfeld, Amy Larkin, Mary Lea, Daniel Moncada, Sarah Tenney and Lee Blackwell.

Uncle Gizmo (1992)
With Sam Bartlett, Amy Richardson and Ginny Snowe.

Rags, Blues & Hot Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar (1985)
With Peter Barnes, Allan Block, Ruthie Dornfeld, Fay Baird, Kim Wallach, Billy Novick and Kevin O'Brien.

Larry also plays on:

Closer by Lui Collins (2006)
Coming Back by Skip Jackson (2004)
Awake Awake by Ellen Gozion (2004)
Sugar Shack by Alicia Jo Rabins (2003)
Glenelg by Elke Baker (2001)
Nat Hewitt by Nat Hewitt (1998)
Over the Border by Elke Baker (1997)
Shores of Lake Champlain by Viveka Fox (1993)
The House Between the Tracks by Kim Wallach (1993)
Kingdom Coming by Don Pedi (1993)
Mountain Magic by Don Pedi (1990)
Just in Time by Gail Rundlett (1985)